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Laura McCulluogh

Hi! I’m Laura--Artist, Designer, and Owner of onesmallthing. I live in the Metro Detroit area and was born and raised in central Michigan. My products celebrate the essence of a heart at home…a heart that values beauty, meaning, and rootedness in an always changing world. A deeply sacred thread connects our hearts and our histories. I hope my products encourage you to embrace the warmth and joy of your soul and live life well.

Home to me looks like family and friends. Knowing my roots and discovering the joy of my personal story. Celebrating the people around me and the deep beauty of connection that runs through our lives. I have four amazing children and a husband who loves me through all my quirkiness. I spend my days writing, designing, loving my family, and laughing at my labradoodle Sophie.

My candles are hand poured soy. My jewelry and designs are curated and cultivated to promote joy and a sense of home. A heart at home embraces the little things in life, knowing they point to the biggest things of all—life, love, and holiness—and these are the things I’m passionate about.

May you be blessed as you take a moment, breathe, and remember the small things that make you who you are.