To Follow Her Heart: A Novel

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Rebecca DeMarino wraps up her “Southold Chronicles” series with To Follow Her Heart: A Novel. In it, we get another look at life during 17th century Long Island for the Horton family and those around them.

I don’t have a lot of knowledge about Dutch and English conflicts during this time period, so I think what I most appreciate about this book are the historical setting and events. Learning about history, even if it’s fictionally enhanced, is so much better through a good novel than a dry textbook.

To Follow Her Heart offers adventure and love and a bit of suspense with the question of Jeremy Horton’s survival in a devastating shipwreck. We get a good picture of daily life among the families, with their businesses and matters of government and military. Mostly, through the journey of Jeremy and Patience and their relationship together, we explore the intricacies of relationship when there is fear and unsettledness to resolve before steps can be made forward.

All in all, book 3 was pretty good, and I bet you’d enjoy reading it too!

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