Shalom in Psalms

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The Psalms have been a go-to throughout my life. I love the poeticism of them, the rich depth of thought, the journey many of them take from honest struggle to a place of praise. There is much wisdom to be gained in reading them, and they always strike a personal chord within me.

That said, when I find a fresh way to read through them, I am drawn immediately to embrace it. Shalom in Psalms is a beautiful devotional that combines the rich artistry of the original Psalms with both commentary and exploration of their meaning and purpose. This is an amazing work compiled by Jewish and Christian scholars and worship artists. It truly is “A Devotional from the Jewish Heart of the Christian Faith,” giving knowledgeable, divine insight that promises to expand my own understanding of the Psalms.

I’m adding this book to my rotation of devotionals, planning to come back to it repeatedly and experience its richness in my personal study and worship time. I highly recommend adding it to your study shelves!

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