Hannah’s Choice: Jan Drexler

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Camping with friends makes me happy. Camping with a good book to read is icing on the cake.

I just finished Jan Drexler’s book, Hannah’s Choice. It’s Amish fiction, which I’ve read a bit of, but this is one of the first of this genre that I’ve found so engaging. It’s a lovely glimpse into the ins and outs of Amish life, which is really fascinating, and the classic love story is in place as Hannah Yoder searches for the true meaning of love.

Throughout the book, Drexler explores themes of faith, obedience versus sacrifice, and choices that must be made in relation to culture, religion, and the will of God. She takes an in-depth look at serious issues, and she does it in an engaging way that both entertains and enlightens until the very last page.

I’m definitely looking forward to reading the next book in the series. And if you want a peaceful way to pass a summer’s day, this book is tops on the list.

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