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I’m deeply attracted to wisdom. It enthralls me and intrigues me, and i find myself craving it. I read about it in the Bible, and I want to grab hold of it; it’s something I want to define me in a way, to permeate my entire being. Wisdom is spiritually attained; I believe it comes most fully through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. I can’t quite define wisdom, but it gives a deep sense of right, a knowledge of what is the best way, of what steps should rightly be taken. Wisdom calls aloud, the Bible says, wanting me to chase her and grab hold, to listen and be aware. The Bible personifies wisdom, brings her alive and gives her personality. She is pure and holy, complete and beautiful. Wisdom calls to my soul like a cool rain on a hot day. May I drink of her fully and find myself revived.


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