Why the Vine

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thoughts on John 15 “I am the Vine … Remain in Me”

I have been scattered to the corners of my mind.
I have seen darkness and despair
Felt the hopelessness of night
And the pulling
And farther still
By the incessant noise of my mind
The chaotic rhythms
Of distress and unrest
And the tugging of my flesh
Against Covenant Love
That holds fast
In spite of my best efforts

And so
My soul knows

A craving
For life
So fresh from the presence of God
That it cannot be mistaken
For the façade of movement
Or the busy-ness of fast-paced steps
Designed to paint a picture of living
In this world we call home.

A yearning
For breath
So infused with Spirit oxygen
That it can only be
From a heart-stirring
Kingdom-filled lavishness
That rises up from the profoundness
Of a stunning God.

A God invincible
A Jesus King
The Good News
And the One in Whom
The core of my being
Is compelled
To quietly

Because God Most High
Is majestic
And vast
Yet grand
And He draws me
Into His affection
And His guidance holds me tight
And His love whispers goodness
As I daily aspire
To be

Because genuine living comes only in Him.

In the strength of His arms
And the compassion of His heart
And the gentleness of His gaze
As he seeks me out
In the divine spaces of me.

His is the place of rest
Of laughter
And courage
And calm
Of boldness and beauty
And power
Mercy and Grace.

To abide
Is to dwell
And discover
That there is more living to do
In that one blessed place
Than in a thousand anywhere beside.


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