Why Give? (Yes, I’m Asking You To Give.)

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Donation Link: https://gogetfunding.com/campaign_funds/?pre=5037606

Adoption and Foster Care are big-time commitments. As I’ve watched friends embrace these issues with love and grace, in the midst of real struggles, my own heart has been opened to help and support them however I can. I sincerely believe God is calling people to help those who adopt and give in-home care … and to do it in the way He’s equipped us.

That’s why this request from my friends Jessica and Eric Wolfe is so important. Here’s the ask in case you missed it:

This is a humble request … it’s an honest ask for that which we cannot do on our own. We need our village to help. So as you consider any contribution, please know that we are grateful for you taking a moment to think about Kadin and Reese. And we are so thankful for the donations and thoughts and prayers of so many of you.

And here’s the back story: The Wolfes adopted Kadin and Reese when they were babies. They brought them into their family and made them their own. They committed to love them and give them the care and provision they would need to thrive. The boys came from a broken scenario, and the effects of that still echo.

Which is where their education comes in. Jess and Eric are sending the boys to a private school this fall. The boys will legitimately benefit from the Eton Academy environment. Eton specializes in teaching kids who need intentional attention in the learning arena, which is extremely common (although largely unacknowledged) with adopted kids who have traumatic backgrounds. Here’s why Eton will make a huge difference for the boys:

Kadin and Reese need a multi-sensory learning environment.

Eton provides this with things like online learning, special projects, and even iPads for each student to do what would normally be considered handwritten busywork (traditional homework is intensely difficult for the boys).

Kadin and Reese need individual, specialized attention.

Eton has small class sizes. They meet each student where they are in their educational strengths and weaknesses. From the moment students arrive until the end of the school day, Eton considers every moment a learning experience – which is why they teach not only academics, but also social skills, self-advocacy and beyond (these will be of great benefit to the boys).

The boys need a huge dose of hope.

Eton will provide them a solid educational and character base that will carry on to their high school and college years and really, the rest of their lives. This academy will give them hope they have not had in the public school environment (as hard as public schools try, it’s often not enough to make lasting impact in this type of circumstance).

Here’s what I know – God is always at work to redeem what is broken. And He invites us into that journey with Him to carry out His work and do the good we are able to do. For that reason, this opportunity to give is a blessing. I believe together we can truly make a difference. Will you join the village? 


Donation Link: https://gogetfunding.com/campaign_funds/?pre=5037606

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