The Breath of God

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Just sitting here thinking about the breath of God and how all-encompassing it is in our lives. My deepest desire is to be filled with the breath of God. I am, quite literally, and have been since my very formation as a person. That in itself is wondrous enough. I am amazed that it was His breath that swooshed into me, giving life to my bones and causing me to be me. And now, I’m realizing that the stagnation I feel in life, the feeling of suffocation and life-drainage, is directly related to whether or not I’m still allowing Him to breathe life into my spiritual bones, allowing me to be me – the me He created me to be. His Word is alive and active – which means it’s alive for me and in me, as long as I seek Him there. So please, Lord, breathe new life into me. And as I seek You in Your Word, meet me. Allow me to find You and in turn, reveal you to those around me.

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