Sunday Book Review!

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If you’re familiar with Proverbs 31 Ministries, you may have heard of Sharon Jaynes. She was VP for several years and has authored several books. I just finished her new book Take Hold of the Faith You Long For. And it’s good. The cover is pretty, which is a plus, and the topic of faith is one of my favorites. But more than anything, I appreciate her honesty and spiritual wisdom.

The lens of this journey is through the story of Moses, who said to the Lord Himself, “Who am I that I should go?” That question hits hard in the core of who I am. And, since insecurity is pretty much common to most women I know, I think this book is a must read.

It’s friendly and challenging, and she explores so many things we all struggle with. Fear. Insecurity. Bitterness, Shame, Worry, Comparison. Discouragement. And then she reminds us who God is. How abundantly capable He is. How full of grace and and encouragement He is. For each of us. Personally.

There’s so much that’s good in the book. Pick it up and read it, and be encouraged to live more boldly through faith.


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