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a baby. so young. so innocent. so fresh from the arms of God. it seems unfair that a baby should have to go through any type of hardship, much less one that threatens her life. life is fragile, and in a difficult situation, that reminder is as close as the air i breathe. a friend faces the illness of her precious darling, even now being life-flighted to a hospital in a large city, and my heart aches for her. my insides cry out to God to give her the liver she needs, to correct what is wrong and give her an extraordinary life. i cannot help but think the enemy sees potential in her. every child of a believer poses great threat to the enemy’s plans. this friend is from a strong, spiritually grounded family. she is a smile to me, ever since i first met her. she will pass down a Godly legacy of faith, one that is not easily shaken. and so i pray, lifting my loudest voice to heaven, knowing God hears and aches and knows my belief in His healing power. please, Father, save the life you created. save this darling baby, and bring glory to Your holy name.


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