pajama parties

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confidence and enthusiasm. two qualities i admire in my daughter. she’s often in new places, meeting new people and putting herself out there without a thought that someone won’t accept her. last night she came home from vbs and told me they were having a pajama party at tonight’s vbs. how cute, i thought. i bought her a new pair of pajamas and a pretty cowgirl hat to go with the “avalanche ranch” theme. we packed the jammies in a plastic bag and headed on to her class. when we got there, i asked one of the workers if the kids were having a pajama party tonight. he didn’t know anything about it. so i asked a couple other workers, who also said they didn’t think so. then one girl told me she thought she had heard something about it but didn’t know for sure. and finally, a girl told me that eden had told the teacher that tonight they could watch a movie and have pizza and popcorn and wear their jammies. apparently she organized her own little pajama party because there were two other little kids in there with their jammies on when i came to pick her up. how i long for her confidence. she rocks my world.


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