on my way

Posted by lolamak on

where am i headed? sometimes i have no idea. i walk forward, doing my best, wondering if my best is good enough. giving all i have to offer, yet questioning whether i have more to give. making decisions that affect others’ lives, yet knowing i feel compelled to choose God’s way, to walk the path He lays out before me. am i always certain? absolutely not. am i consistently confident? no. i doubt. i wonder. i ask, “what if?” or “if only” while knowing, deep within my heart, that what i want more than any other desire is for God’s will, His best, to be done in my life. i don’t always understand why He leads certain ways, why He lays out difficult choices before me, why i must say painful things are really for the best. but i will accept without understanding. to me, that is an act of faith. faith that believes in a powerful, redeeming God who will bring good out of anything i mess up with my humanity. all i can do is walk. and trust. in His strength. His way, His timing, His love. there is no greater thing.


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