Living the Large Print Life

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Have you ever found yourself
in a place that calls out to your soul
but you’re the only one there
who looks like you
and you notice how
everyone else
seems to set the stereotypes
of normal
and expected
and it’s the opposite of who you are?

Life is funny sometimes.

Like when you look around the doctor’s office
for your particular ailment
and realize that most others
who suffer the same as you
are gray and weathered
and not a day under 75
while you’re already
ten years into this journey
and you just hit a milestone birthday last year.
But you stay the course anyway
because it’s ultimately about health
and dealing with weird things
like breathing
so your days can be brighter
and your nights can bring life and fresh air.

Or when you find yourself looking for books
that are mostly found
in the large print section of the library.
Because you like the ones
that tell of hope
and journeys of faith
and end with redemption
and overcoming
those well-worn paths
that fight against the you that is whole.
And those are the stories
that appeal to many in years of gold.
But you go there anyway,
to that set apart room
with the oversized print,
and it’s worth it
because it brings your soul joy
and you’d rather read what you want
than try to pretend you’re something you’re not.

Or when you think back on your days
and remember you’ve always felt drawn
to quiet
and calm.
To whispers and laughter
and simple delights.
And your likes seem quirky
and you know you’re not mainstream
and sometimes that makes you feel less than
because others
are drawn
to the noise
and the shouting to make voices heard.
But in reality you know it’s
the shaping of God
and being led
only by Him
that makes you sometimes feel
or left out
or alone.

Yes, life can be funny.

But it can also be profound.

Because sometimes
you look around
in those places you’re drawn
and see they were made
just for you.
And you know
that the Maker makes well
in your personal world,
and your journey is yours alone.
And his heart beats for yours,
and the intensity of love
draws you to
and connect
and write legacies
of warmth
and spirit
and eternity
in this world.

And that’s what you want
more than anything.

To discover your God-given
signature and write it
on the line
for the name

And it just
so happens
to be


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