in a mirror

Posted by lolamak on

i sat, getting my daughter ready for bed, listening to her talk and watching her face light up at the words she’s articulating. and i watched. i looked at her in the mirror; she was just to my side, turned enough away so that i couldn’t quite see her face. so i relied on the mirror to show me her expressions. but i felt drawn. the mirror was nice, the reflection pretty clear. but it wasn’t complete. here she was beside me, and i was gazing into a mirror to see her. so i turned. i leaned. i looked into her adoring face and felt my heart squeeze with a love so profound, i wanted to never have to look in a mirror again. she was real. she was right beside me. how could i substitute anything else? and then i realized – that’s how it will be when i finally see my Father. when the mirror is cast away, and i’m turned, leaned, slightly shifted so that i can see His face with my own eyes. it’s going to be perfect. complete. beyond comparison.


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