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my daughter imitates me. she does it when i least expect it, and i constantly find myself amazed at the things she picks up from me. yesterday we were doing a show in maryland, and i was onstage doing conforming cross. kathlene told me that all during the skit, eden was standing with her arms in the cross, swaying back and forth and saying, “mama.” how much more precious can a child get? she says things like “oh man,” “oh my,” “take a look at this,” “open up wide,” “oh pretty,” “oh yeah.” so many things. my heart gets all warm and tingly when she tries to be like me. i find it the highest form of flattery. even when i think i’m not getting through to her, i meet a moment where she’s picked up on something i had no idea about. how special it must feel to the Lord to see me imitate Him. the most precious way i can show Him how much i adore Him is to copy Him, to try to be like Him, to do what He does. my baby teaches me more about Jesus everyday. Praise God.


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