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What is faith? At times it seems so nebulous to my mind, so vague and undefinable. Yet at other times it is the solid foundation I stand on, the binding thread that connects me to the Lord. Faith is trusting God to the nth degree, no matter what He asks me to do, no matter if I feel His presence or not. Faith resides in the deepest part of me, in my soul. It makes its home so deep within my spirit that I cannot be separated from it, even if I find myself distracted by the world or my own selfishness. Faith is God’s gift to me and my gift to God. It is the part of me that knows without a doubt God’s capabilities are endless. I am encouraged by acts of faith. I am encouraged by the possibilities that faith provides for my life. It is by faith that I know I am saved. It is by faith that I trust the Lord to be my compass. Faith is the essence of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Oh that faith may grow in my life, that I might get a handle on how pivotal such a magnificent gift is. I want to be a woman of faith. To be more faithful. I believe I am a woman of faith. I am faithful.


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