Encouragement for Days When It Hits Me

Posted by Laura McCullough on

There are days when it hits me—
I'm tired.
Tired of fighting inner battles.
Tired of battling my physical body.
Exhausted by the broken world
And its broken problems
And incessant demanding noise.

It's all too much
On days like today
When my coffee gets cold
And I've barely started the day
At noon.

It's all quite a lot
When my body wants sleep
But my eyes are open
And everyone wants a piece
Of who I am.

It's just too much of it all sometimes.

I'm at the point in my life
Where I need the quiet
But I fear the aloneness
Will be here too soon.
And I find myself gasping a bit
At the movement of time
Even while craving some time
Just for me.

It makes me tired.
And I want a place to hide.

And He tells me again
That I have a Place-To-Hide.

My strength comes from Him.
My soul is only Home in Him.

He is Refuge.
My Quiet-In-The-Storm.
The Whisper-Of-Love in my fretfulness.
Comfort on my bad days
Companion on my every-days.

He is Good.

So once again
I realign
Holding out
The frayed parts of my soul.

Finding Rest
And Soul-Coffee


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