Book Review: “Undaunted Hope” by Jody Hedlund

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Another beautiful story by Jody Hedlund. In “Undaunted Hope,” Hedlund paints a realistic and compelling picture of life in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the mid 1800’s. Tessa Taylor’s vibrant character leads us on a journey of struggle and faith, allowing us to experience a historic era while she overcomes seemingly overwhelming obstacles to regain her footing in life and pursue the loving plan God has for her. As her own personal journey leads her to new friendships and, ultimately, love, we sense the human emotions that come with suffering through hardship, facing down the evil of a broken humanity, and shaking off the false identities we place on ourselves as fallen people in need of a redemptive God. Hedlund’s latest book comes through with solid storytelling and a worthy, encouraging message for the reader’s soul.

*Blogger Review given in exchange for copy of book.


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