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Book: 21 Seconds to Change Your World

Author: Dr. Mark Rutland

I gotta be honest. Non-fiction books are hard to get through for me. I can read fiction all day long, but I have to gut it out to get through a complete non-fiction book.

That said, I really loved the premise of this book.

Dr. Mark Rutland is a pastor and obvious scholar. His book is a genuine commentary on his own journey to healing using the two most beautiful prayers in the Bible – Psalm 23 and the Lord’s Prayer. He lines them up side by side and explores the parallels between their authors (King David and Jesus Christ) and the words themselves.

His firm belief and encouragement is that anyone who prays these prayers day after day, moment after moment, 21 seconds at a time, will experience true and lasting healing. He calls these prayers “the most therapeutic writings ever produced … the medicine of the soul … the elixir of life” and gives countless stories of lives positively affected by taking on the challenge to weave these prayers into their daily lives.

My favorite parts of the book are when he lays out sample prayers … specific words to adopt that combine the two writings and make them applicable to personal meditation. It’s a worthy, interesting read, and I’m thankful for the medicine.

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