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Another summer read is done! People often tease me about how much I love reading, but it’s so fun! I love being transported to another time and place, to put myself into the story and experience life through a different perspective.

That said, The Magnolia Duchess by Beth White was a fairly enjoyable read, although I didn’t resonate so much with the writing style. The concept of the story, set in the days of the War of 1812, was intriguing, and I loved the idea of a British soldier finding himself washed ashore in the New World. The plot kept my interest, and by the end, it was smoother reading, but still, I found myself wishing for just a little bit more. Some of the plot jumps felt a little jerky, and vocabulary choices were a little jarring.

Overall, though, it’s a great summer read, and I will pick up another book by Beth White at sometime in the future!


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