Behind the Scenes

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51anjap8qvl-_sx327_bo1204203200_Behind the Scenes (Apart From the Crowd) is Jen Turano’s newest release, and it’s completely delightful. I actually found myself giggling out loud as the story went on.

Permilia Griswold is absolutely quirky and unconventional. It took me a few pages to warm up to her, but the more I read, the more I loved her character. Same with Mr. Asher Rutherford and all the other characters we meet throughout the pages.

Turano has woven an endearing, whimsical story. Her characters have surprising depth and the story has twists and turns that were really fun and unexpected.

I’m definitely a fan of this book, and I think you will be, too. I’d love to meet these characters in real life – which I think means I’d love to sit and have coffee with Jen Turano because she must be somewhat quirky and whimsical herself to have woven such an enchanting novel!


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