A Letter to the American Church

Posted by Laura McCullough on

“Defeat may serve as well as victory
To shake the soul and let the glory out.”
Streams in the Desert

American church-at-large where is your belief in the God-Who-Is?

Before. Now. Tomorrow.
All at once outside of time and within.
Yet once heard as
Yet Creator of the farthest fiery stars.
He Was and He Is and He Promises to Come again and again and again
To rescue our souls from our broken ways.

Rescue is the cry of our hearts.
The One-Who-Rescues is
And isn’t that the very definition of Rescue?
He has entered our humanness
To live With-Us and For-Us
And re-make our hearts
With Freedom and Love.

There is no nation exempt from this Love.
There is no nation that has a monopoly on this Love.
There is no human soul so evil
No platform so wayward
That it stands in the way of His Love-Is-Here and He-Is-Alive.

There is no falling so low that we do not find
He has yet gone lower to lift us up.

So where is your faith? Why the mass wailings of fear and anger and loss? Why the mainstream evangelical leaders riding the waves of American fear and pride and idolatry of person or platform?

There has been no ending to the God-Who-Loves.
There has been no destruction of His-Ways-Are-Best.

The world still turns and our God-Still-Reigns.
His Kingdom Is and it is His Great Joy that every single human being is invited to live and operate within His borders.



During the Civil War and the American Revolution and the Victorian Era and the Renaissance and the Crusades and medieval times and the rule of the Roman Empire and the early church and the desert days of Israel and the Creation Of The Whole Known and Yet-Unknown World.


No matter our country or nationality or government style or freedom level or income level or faith level or evangelical level or awareness of how Completely Transformational and Epically Loving He is.

We know and proclaim to believe that He-Is.
He-Is in the whispers of Love.
He-Is in the healing of hearts.
He-Is in the communion of souls with the One-Who-Died-Yet-Now-Lives.

Step down off your pedestals. Knock down your idolatrous shrines. You have emotionally invested in the wrong saviors over and over again and the Lord-Who-Loves is most gracefully asking you to step aside and let Him in.

Open your closed doors.
Start with the ones in your hearts.
Sit with Him in the silence and the brokenness of your cherished human-ways plans.
Weep with Him. Be angry with Him. Wrestle with His Love-Over-Judgement and be mad at His Making-You-New.

But at the end of the day
Remember Him.
Commune with Only-Him.
Be grateful.
Because the soul that kneels at His throne
Is the one that heals.

Healing is only and ever found
At the foot of the cross
Where He-Redeems
Yet. Lives.


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