A Little Amish Fiction

I gotta admit – Amish fiction is starting to grow on me.

Suzanne Woods Fisher’s new book, The Quieting, is another great summer read. It’s so interesting to learn about Amish culture. Her characters are fairly well developed, and the storyline moves along well. At first, the cast of characters at the beginning is a bit overwhelming, but once the story starts, it all comes together, and a picture of life among the Amish becomes tangible.

There is, of course, a love story, but Fisher also explores themes of community and family, religion and relationship, sin and repentance. As with most good inspirational fiction, I found myself engaged in the story while making personal application to my own faith journey. I love the diversity of the characters’ issues, and I love the questions each person has to face about his/her own personality and faith.

It’s a fairly quick read, and I’m pretty sure you’ll come away feeling a bit enlightened and glad you took the time for this book.


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