You are my hiding place
My protector
The One who defends me
And sets me at ease
When life overwhelms
And guilt pursues
And responsibility hounds
And the nagging pricks of the enemy’s arrows
Leave trail marks down my soul

You are my resting place
My comforter
The One who shelters me
And gently quiets me to peace
When the winds of change blow
And the tides of time turn
And the storms of emotion
Leave weatherbeaten scars
On the delicate walls of my heart

You are my sanctuary
My rescuer
The One who scoops me up
And calms my wildly beating heart
When my eyes stop seeing
And my heart stops hoping
And my mind falls prey
To fear
That leaves me trembling
And motionless
That I am hopelessly
And Irrevocably

You are my all
My more than enough
I run to you first
And I’ll run to you last
Because you say let the weary come
And I was weary yesterday
And I’ll be weary tomorrow
So yes I will come
With all that’s within me
As you hold out your hand
And lead me toward you
Until I am so near to your heart
That I breathe out in sweet relief
Knowing you will make me
Once again


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