The Breath of God

Just sitting here thinking about the breath of God and how all-encompassing it is in our lives. My deepest desire is to be filled with the breath of God. I am, quite literally, and have been since my very formation as a person. That in itself is wondrous enough. I am amazed that it was His breath that swooshed into me, giving life to my bones and causing me to be me. And now, I’m realizing that the stagnation I feel in life, the feeling of suffocation and life-drainage, is directly related to whether or not I’m still allowing Him to breathe life into my spiritual bones, allowing me to be me – the me He created me to be. His Word is alive and active – which means it’s alive for me and in me, as long as I seek Him there. So please, Lord, breathe new life into me. And as I seek You in Your Word, meet me. Allow me to find You and in turn, reveal you to those around me.


One thought on “The Breath of God

  1. It has been a while since i have been able to read your blog. I miss them and hope you will continue to allow me to glance into your life from your side of the cup. Time– busy, quiet, together or with others.. time is a valued item. Each moment has it's value, compare what we get done to what we want to do. There is never enough of it, but each tick of the clock allows your beauty to show. Maybe not to yourself, as we are our own worst critic, but to those around you, who know you for who you truly are, the beauty is very well on display. Your care for the kids, husband and all that you have comes thru more than you can see. But, in order for time to do it's work, we have to step back and let God be in control, allow Him to set things in order and His will be done. Hard for ALL of us to follow, but so necessary to be done. Take some of the time that HE has given and breath in His goodness, grace and mercy. Once we have taken the second seat, His grace will be there to guide and escort us to the point we should be at. Things are done in His time, not ours.

    Breath, in and out, one breath at a time, we can't do both at the same time. One step at a time will get us to the destination, it does not matter if it is a baby step or a “mother may I GIANT step”, each inch adds up to the distance we must travel to reach the goal.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I look forward to reading of your love and tenderness that God will reveal to you in your live. Love it, Live it, Share it!!

    The Commentator


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