Embracing vs Resisting

My hubby woke me up at six thirty this morning. Normally, that would start my day off on a bad foot, but today, it was different. It was quiet. No kids. Just him and I. Cereal and coffee. Not much conversation. Did I mention no yelling children? The peace I feel as he’s gone to work and it’s just me here, reflecting on my life with the Lord, is a symbol to me of what happens when I embrace the very thing I’ve been resisting.

Ryan’s always telling me – get up before the kids. I’ve heard it from so many people. But I never do it, cuz in my mind, it equals hardship. But this morning has brought me peace. So as I sit here, the Lord is showing me that often the things I resist, I might want to think of embracing instead. What if the things I’m resisting would not limit me, but would instead free me to enjoy life more fully? Schedules, responsibility, cleaning, quality time with the kids, positive thoughts. The list goes on and on for me. And I find myself resisting even adding to such a load. But isn’t that the point? Examine myself. Find the resistance. And fight it by embracing the very things I push away.

It’s worth a shot.


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