i just started reading a book about “someday.” you know the word – “someday, i’m gonna go on that trip.” “someday, i’ll get to that project.” “someday, i’ll relax and roll with the punches.” “someday, someday. someday.”

i’m constantly rattling off the “someday” conversation in my head. there’s always something to do, and my time will forever be spread out over a million different daily obligations. i just can’t seem to get to everything, so i push it off, hoping that somehow, someday, i’ll get my act together and my life will be perfectly organized and productive. but if i always live with “someday,” will i ever enjoy today?

i need to just step back. take a breath. and live in today. this is the day i have been given.

maybe someday i’ll stop blaming myself for putting things off until “someday.”


One thought on “Someday

  1. First I think it's AWESOME that you're writing again. And I have discovered that most mothers these days are WAY too hard on themselves. I think you are amazing. You get a TON done for raising 4 kids and maintaining an outside job. Yup, you should reward yourself with chocolate.


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