are we there yet?

ah, the infamous question – “are we there yet?” it annoys the crazies out of me, but i hear it over and over and over again every time we get in the car. i get tired of answering the same question. i get tired of hearing the whine. i wish they would just settle in and enjoy the ride. look out the window or something. understand that we’ll be there when we’re there. the other day i got so frustrated, i wanted to scream. i never wanted to hear that question again. and then it hit me . . . i’ve been asking the same exact question for the past several months. “are we there yet, lord?” “when will we be there?” “how much longer?” “i can’t take it anymore.” “when? when? when?”

oh, the sigh that comes when i feel Jesus correcting my spirit. and yet i know He’s patient with me. He understands my childish inability to wait. He hears me asking, complaining, whining, and He still smiles – because He sees the immaturity that causes me to drive Him crazy. and He knows that soon everything will be okay. we’ll be there soon.

just settle in and enjoy the ride.


One thought on “are we there yet?

  1. Well said,,,,the voice of experience shows up in all of us sooner or later. Of all the questions that can be asked, this one seems to be the most irritating, but it is one we all ask all the time.Life, a journey, not a destination.The Commentator


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