“love is just the first thing that I have for you…..all else is based upon the first principle and is standing in line waiting for the right time to appear . . . forever your father”

beautiful, profound words that dove straight for the core of my heart. it speaks on so many levels. love first. everything else comes out of that love. and wisdom makes it happen when the time is right. and forever, always, my father will be my father. the spiritual implications are leaping out at me, and i will treasure that forever. but just for a moment, i’m going to treasure them as the words they were foremost meant to be – encouragement from my earthly daddy to the depth of my spirit here on earth. i love you, dad. and i hope all else is based on that principle.


One thought on “forever

  1. WOW!! It has been a while since I took the time to check the blog….and am sorry that it has.. The message that is posted takes me to the deepest part of the emotion inside of me..I realize that distance is not a factor on influence…and love can span farther than from here to there…tag lines can say more than just “see you later” and that no matter how old I am, my beautiful daughter can still teach me what it is to be an influence for the real Father…the happiness of being an earthly father is seeing his children become far more than I could ever imagine for them. My love is never ending and is the basis for all that is done for you and your family. God’s principle shows that love is the greatest of all things and is the foundation for everything else….my prayer is that my blessing from Him will be my blessing to you…..indeed, I love you from the bottom of MY spirit.forever, you earthly father….dad


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