ah, decisions. one decision affects another’s life. on and on it goes, from generation to generation, person to person, situation to situation. i often fear the decisions others make. my natural inclination is to grab hold, to try to feed lines and thoughts that make others want to do what i want them to do. i think a more accurate word for that is manipulation. i want to be in control. i want to know that the things that are working, the blessings that are in place, will remain unchanged until i see the need for them to change. but no matter what i do or say, other people will make their own decisions. because i am not in control. i do not desire to be deceitful or conniving, to seek my own interest in any given circumstance. instead, i pray God will work in spite of me. i want His will more than i want my own. His peace. His leading. His decisions. He has never disappointed me. never left me alone. when things happen that threaten my world, that leave me fearing everything will be turned upside down – that’s when greater blessings flow. in the end, it turns out much better than i could have made it myself. actually, it’s perfect. and that’s the way i want it. perfect. His way. for me.


One thought on “decisions

  1. HIS way….His way…not mine? Many feel that God can be, bargained with, manipulated, used when and how they want….but that is not the way it works…those who have walked in the shoes of others, helped in spite of their own desires and given without any thought of self gain know this. The footprints in the sand show who is in control…and I need to look closer at them and more often so I can remember…it is not me…but Him. Your testamony of faith leaves me speechless…oh to have more of what you have, to be able to “let go and let God” and follow in His ways….not perfectly, but as best you can…that is the goal we should all have. He is perfect and we are perfected in His love for us…..Keep the faith, walk the walk and live the life He has set before you.The Commentator


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