i had a day with just myself and my daughter today. we watched tv; ate snacks; watched a movie; folded laundry; worked on brother’s room. it was nice, just the two of us. we sat on the couch together tonight, eden all cuddled up against me, leaning her head against the “piwwow,” and we sang songs. eden was humming, so i started humming with her. then i sang a song with words and a couple of worship songs. then she asked me to sing my song, the one i sing in the shower. so i did. and as i sang, she sang her own song, same words over and over, “everybody pwaise the ward.” she sang the same line every time i sang a line of my song, and it was so adorable that i couldn’t hide a laugh. i laughed with joy. and soon, eden laughed, too. we were laughing so hard with each other, that deep, happy laughter, enjoying a moment of silliness. ah, the joys of having a spirit-filled daughter. i wouldn’t trade her for the world.


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