watch me, daddy

playing on the swings in an ordinary church yard. really a simple get-up, a few swings, a wooden structure, and a plastic slide. but to a two-year-old, a glimpse of heaven itself. we tried all the swings. picked up some rocks – smooth, shiny, red, clear. lined the rocks up on the wooden ledge, went down the slide. but the greatest feat of all – the “wadder.” the first couple of tries, i helped her. this foot first; now use this hand; grab this handle; big girl! not too much time and she got it. i only had to help her a little. went down the slide again. played with some rocks. and then daddy came. “watch me, daddy.” how sweet those words sound from a mouth of innocence, a face overwhelmed with joy. “i cwimb the wadder.” mommy and daddy watch. she climbs; and climbs; one foot then the other; grabs the handles; pulls herself up; she’s made it. all by herself. with daddy watching. amazing. a little girl’s desire to show her daddy what she can do. a daddy’s smile when he learns that’s the first time she’s climbed all by herself. a mommy’s satisfaction that this, indeed, is a moment to remember.


One thought on “watch me, daddy

  1. As you are finding out, there is little that compares to seeing your own child do something so little in your eyes and such an accomplishment in their world. The world is an opportunity waiting to be discovered, new adventures are arround every corner and there is the desire in your heart to make sure that your child is “safe” and out of harms way. Never should we protect so much that it blows out the spirit of discovery in the heart and mind of a child.


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