Exhaustive Effort

Sitting. Relaxing. Breathing. Three activities that go hand in hand, yet hardly involve much effort. Yet the effort to make those three things happen at once is exhaustive in itself. It’s rare that I find a moment where I have truly relaxed, truly taken cleansing breaths, truly sat in peace. I long for the day when I can more fully understand and grasp the concept of relaxation. I’m trying to work through all the anxiety in my life, to get it to dissipate and leave my inner psyche alone. Somewhat difficult, but highly attainable, if I understand the Lord correctly. He is the great Overcomer, so if I stick close by Him, I’ll overcome, too. And not just overcome, but be abundantly victorious. Sometimes the path to that feeling is long and hard and bumpy, but I am on that path, and for that I’m thankful. I’m supposed to be watching for signs from the Lord, whatever form they may come in. I pray for discernment and wisdom, for open ears and a listening heart, so the Lord may speak what He desires to speak. There is nothing I love greater than being in tune with the Lord. He is my Rock and Foundation, my strong Fortress in whom I take refuge. Praise be to God.


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